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edited 2Imagine a world, free from the worries of visible sweat stains or ruining your favorite clothes with antiperspirants. Well ladies and gentlemen, with non-invasive FDA-cleared miraDry that is precisely the world we live in.  Whether you sweat a lot or just a little, with miraDry, everyone can embrace life to the fullest-without fear or embarrassment of underarm issues getting in the way. miraDry works by delivering precisely controlled electromagnetic energy to the underarm area that blocks the sweat glands from producing. By permanently blocking sweat and odor glands it will leave you feeling clean, confident, and carefree.  miraDry is a quick, non-surgical treatment that can be completed in about an hour and provides immediate results with no downtime.

Looking and feeling your best shouldn’t include the potential embarrassment caused by underarm sweat. Call New Image Medical Spas Orlando office today to schedule your FREE CONSULTATION: 407-830-8746.

Ever wish your fat would just melt away? That you’d wake up one day and it would all be gone as if by magic? We at New Image Med Spas may not be magicians, but we can make your fat disappear! Liquid Lipo is the latest and greatest liposuction method available. Our wand, the cannula, which is used to remove unwanted fat from the body, is half the size of a pencil, leaving a nearly invisible scar. The cannula is only one part of the procedure, though. The secret ingredient in Liquid Lipo is the fat-dissolving saline solution. The cannula and fat-dissolving solution work together to allow for smoother movement and greater quantities of fat removal. Because Liquid Lipo is such a gentle process, it is often an out-patient procedure. Patients are able to return to their daily activities within a day or two, earning Liquid Lipo the nickname of “Weekend Lipo.” You’ll see the benefits of Liquid Lipo at New Image Med Spas so quickly, you’ll swear it’s magic! Call today to make your appointment:407-830-8746

During the Summer do you find yourself having to shave your legs everyday because of all the short shorts, bathing suits, and other revealing attire that keeps us cool? It’s pretty darn annoying right? Well, there are steps you can take to reduce the amount of times you have to shave per week. That’s right, this makes showering a million times easier and quicker. Let me share with you the 7 tips I have found.

Exfoliate Your Legs

By exfoliating your legs with a scrub brush or bath pouf, and a product with salicylic acid or fruit enzymes, you are doing a couple different things that benefit the skin. First, exfoliating removes the top layer of dead skin making your legs smoother, your tan darker, and coaxes the hairs completely out of the follicle. By doing so you get all the leg hairs on the same growth cycle, and reveal the tiny hairs that would normally be trapped under dead skin. You will get a closer shave that lasts longer.

Take A Lesson From History

Old methods from before this clean shaven fad started are also great to try. All natural and gentler on the skin than the chemicals found in today’s products. For excess facial fuzz, try mixing besan, tumeric, and some water to the areas with hair. Let it dry and gently rub it off. Similarly, for the legs, mix cinnamon, sugar, and honey. Microwave the mixture on high for 2-3 minutes and apply a thin layer over the legs and let it dry.

Try Soy Ingredients

Recent studies have shown that lotions with soy can stunt the growth of hair and shrink the hair shaft. So, when hydrating your skin, it couldn’t hurt to give a product with soy a try and see if it works for you.

The Badger Brush

Those brushes that barbers use to wipe shaving cream onto men’s faces are perfect for getting a close shave. They are litlle rough brushes that you can use to lather on your shave gel. Men use them for a close facial shave, why not give it a try too. If someone knows shaving, it is hundreds of years of barbers.

Pay Attention To What You Eat

The Vitamin B6 can help fight back the fuzz. You can get it from meat and fish, bananas, watermelon, broccoli, cabbage, and carrots. These are pretty darn easy to fit into your diet so give this ,and reducing your intake of refined carbs, a try for healthier body and less stubble!

Choose Your Blade Wisely

All razors are not created equal, they make them with moisturizing strips, 4 blade, 5 blade, etc. Choose the best razor for your needs. If you have dry skin, the aid of moisturizing strips is ideal. If you have coarser hair, more blades will get a closer shave. Don’t just go buy some cheap disposable razors from the dollar store. This is your body, don’t just put it in danger recklessly.

This reminds me, don’t use your blades for more than a few months. They dull and become less effective, sometimes they can rust or become jagged making them dangerous. Try to change out the blades more than once every 6 months.

Literally And Metaphorically Go Against The Grain

Depending on your skin and hair, going against the grain can produce ingrown hairs. However, this usually isn’t too much of a problem on the legs. Going against the grain of the hair will get you a closer shave, and so will using a fresh blade. But that can be excessively expensive so I do not recommend it. If you want an even easier routine, you can try alternatives to shaving. There are laser hair removal treatments you can get which is the easiest and most permanent method. But, there is also waxing and removal lotions, such as Nair. The only thing is, these alternatives can be a bit harsh on the skin. so be careful and test the products before using them all over your legs.

And There we have it, 7 different ways to shave less often. Given them a try and see how they work for you. Keep in mind that everyone is different so these methods may not all work for you, but anything is worth a shot right? So stick to these tips and see which work for your stubborn stubble.

Happy Fathers Day!  Yesterday was the day to celebrate the dads in our lives.  Sometimes we forget that dads may feel self-conscious about their appearance. Maybe they have that same five pounds they’ve been carrying around for years that they just can’t lose. Others may cover up areas where they have unwanted, thick hair. Some may feel self-conscious about how much they perspire. At New Image Medical Spas we offer treatments and procedures to give dads their self-confidence back.

Screen-Shot-2015-04-09-at-12.39.03-PM-copy-1024x1024Coolsculpting is a quick, non-invasive treatment that helps eliminate the stubborn fat that exercise can’t. Other fat removal procedures use lasers and surgery that can destroy healthy tissue by burning and shattering non-fat cells. Coolsculpting uses a targeted cooling process that freezes and kills just the fat cells leaving the healthy cells intact.  Once the fat cells die, they are naturally eliminated from the body.  Thanks to this one-of-a-kind procedure, over 1.5 million people from around the world have been able to remove their stubborn fat.

The New Image Medical Spas offers the breakthrough hair removal treatment called intense pulsed light (IPL).  This treatment is used on men and women of all different skin types and on all body areas. Anywhere – from small areas, such as the upper lip, to large areas like the full back – IPL can be used safely. With a full series of treatments, patients are seeing 80-90% long term hair loss.

miraDry is an outpatient procedure used to reduce underarm perspiration.  It eliminates underarm sweat glands by delivering electromagnetic energy to the underarm area.  While other treatments seek to temporarily disable the sweat glands, miraDry provides a long-lasting reduction of the sweat glands.

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It’s always bikini season in Florida, which means we constantly have to look our best. Wearing a bathing suit can be daunting for both men and women, especially if we are self-conscious about protruding midsections. New Image Medical Spa’s Orlando is here to help you gain confidence by removing your unwanted tummy!

Abdominoplasty, AKA a tummy tuck, was designed to flatten a protruding abdomen through the tightening of abdominal wall muscles and removal of excess fatty tissue and skin. However, this procedure is not a substitute for weight loss; it is meant to improve the shape of the body by narrowing and flattening the abdomen. Because of this, the ideal candidate for a tummy tuck is an individual of normal weight who suffers from weak abdominal muscles and excess skin and fat in the abdominal region.

Tummy tucks are invasive procedures, so they typically require 7-10 days of recovery time plus several weeks of wearing compression garments. After your recovery is complete, though, we guarantee you will experience a new-found confidence in your body and yourself. Call New Image Medical Spa’s Orlando today to schedule your consultation: 407-830-8746

In today’s world, we want it all, and we want it all fast. Since the conception of smart phones, we’re used to having everything we need at our fingertips in one device—wouldn’t it be nice if there was something like that to improve our appearance? One device that does it all, and does it all fast? Luckily, New Image Medical Spa Orlando has MediLift, a non-invasive device that sculpts nearly the entire body and can be completed during your lunch hour!

MediLift is an efficient and effective machine that has been developed for a non-surgical face lift and non-invasive body contouring without pain or downtime. It is a proprietary five wavelength device that can be used to reduce circumference, tighten, and tone skin as well as breakdown and mobilize fat almost anywhere on the body. This body sculpting device has been used throughout the world to sculpt the body (hips, thighs, buttocks, abdomen, love handles), reduce cellulite on the legs, and as a non-surgical face lift alternative.

New Image Medical Spa Orlando’s MediLift method is safe, affordable, and eliminates any of the risks associated with surgery. Treatments take between twenty to forty minutes depending on the individual’s unique goals and areas of concern. There is no pain, no surgery and no downtime. So what are you waiting for? Call today for some instant gratification: 407-830-8746.

14492648_sEarth Day is today, and we should all be thinking of being more environmentally conscious. “Reduce, reuse, recycle” doesn’t apply only to recycling efforts anymore, but also to the plastic surgery industry. Producing and using new artificial fillers is becoming an antiquated method of achieving youthfulness, and New Image Medical Spas has embraced a newer and greener approach: natural fat transfer.

Fat transfer and grafting is easier, safer and, in the long run, much cheaper than any fillers and implants offered today. Your own natural fat is used, being taken from one part of the body and moved to the desired area. Because it is your own fat, there is no chance of allergic reaction or body rejection. The best part? In most cases, the results are permanent!

Whether you want a fuller, more youthful face, a rounder buttocks, or naturally augmented breasts, fat transfer is a great “green” option. Reduce fat in a problem area, reuse it in a desired area, and feel renewed! Call New Image Medical Spas today for a consultation: 407-830-8746

17744360_sEaster and Passover may be over, but the belly bulge that resulted from all that eating may not. But what if it isn’t the extra food that is causing your protruding stomach? Some of us, now matter how much we work out and how healthy we eat, just can’t achieve a flat stomach. Luckily, New Image Medical Spas is here to help with our tummy tuck procedure!

Abdominoplasty, AKA a tummy tuck, was designed to flatten a protruding abdomen through the tightening of abdominal wall muscles and removal of excess fatty tissue and skin. However, this procedure is not a substitute for weight loss; it is meant to improve the shape of the body by narrowing and flattening the abdomen. 

Don’t blame the holidays for your tummy! Take action and call New Image Medical Spa today to schedule your consultation: 407-830-8746