It’s almost Thanksgiving, and turkeys are everywhere: on TV, in parades, and on your dinner table. Things can get a little awkward with all these turkeys around, though, if you suffer from “turkey neck” (sagging skin below the chin or jaw). Luckily, New Image Medical Spa’s Orlando offers neck lifts to correct this issue!

With aging, you can lose the definition in your jaw line that you have always had. An aging neck may appear loose or saggy, and some people may notice the weakening of the platysma muscle. A neck lift is a procedure that offers dramatic results for removing and tightening the loose skin on your neck. The procedure’s objective is to improve the look of your neck by removing excess fat and skin, removing any signs of a turkey neck!

Don’t get confused with the turkey this Thanksgiving. Call New Image Medical Spa Orlando today to schedule your consultation: 407-830-8746.