Gravity is necessary for life on Earth, but when it comes to physical appearance, it seems to be more of a necessary evil. As we age, gravity takes its toll, pulling our skin down until it begins to sag and wrinkle. New Image Medical Spa’s Orlando can help you defy gravity, though, with our facelift procedure!

In reality, gravity has very little to do with signs of aging. Genetics, sun exposure, individual lifestyle factors, and (of course) age contribute to sagging and wrinkled skin. Facelifts were developed to correct signs of aging on the face. This procedure involves the tightening of facial, neck skin and muscles, and the removal of excess skin to give people the youthful appearance they desire.

Don’t let aging get you down! New Image Medical Spa’s Orlando is here to help you reverse signs of aging with our facelift surgery. With us, you will be defying gravity in no time! Call today to schedule a consultation: 407-830-8746.